Hi, friends! I’m Frances. I started this blog as a way to share my journey as I write my first novel, but writing to you like this feels way too formal for me. Let’s pretend you’ve come to chat with me over a cup of coffee, shall we? Just picture yourself here, in my pink kitchen, drinking my ridiculously strong coffee and munching on some cookies my step daughter made. That’s better.

At the moment, my biggest focus is my book. The working title is The Art of Being Vulnerable. It is the story of Declan, a man with anxiety, daring himself to step outside of the bubble to pursue a relationship with a man he can’t take his eyes off.

I’ll share with you the process of building my novel, the places I get stuck and what I do when inspiration turns out to be an elusive little brat, as well as my life with my family, my other creative projects, where my ideas spring from and anything else that I think might strike your fancy.

If there’s something you’d like to know about me, my book or my blog, you can contact me here. You can also follow my adventures on Instagram or Twitter.